The power connecting lead that we are unable to supply
is yet to be invented.

Our top priority is to satisfy our customers.
We see it as our obligation to fulfil the highest ethical requirements in all our activities. We observe all regulations, protect the environment, follow the principle of equal rights in the workplace and act in a socially responsible manner.
We help our staff to improve their skills, encourage them to take risks, treat them fairly, recognize their performance and give them the opportunity to pursue their profession with enthusiasm and commitment.
Team Work
We rely on team work worldwide and also on trust based on honest and open communication within our entire organization. We have a close working relationship with our suppliers and customers.
Fast Service
Fast service provides a competitive advantage to which we attach great importance.
We accept changes as a rule and not as an exception. We support this by specifically promoting creativity.
We encourage high expectations, set ambitious goals and fulfil our financial
and other obligations. We strive to be the best.
This catalogue is intended to facilitate your work. Use of the correct lead and the appropriate plug is important because:
  • Design engineers have to take into account the needs of both the European market and the world market.
  • In order to be able to operate successfully in foreign markets, appliances have to be adapted to the relevant standards of the country concerned.
  • Different conditions of electrical standards have to be taken into account at the beginning of the product development stage.
Orientation towards the conditions in the European market alone is no longer sufficient when considering the opening of the worldwide markets. In order to continue to be competitive, it is necessary to open up new market opportunities by using the relevant products based on the electrical standards concerned. Our company sees it as its duty to provide you with the necessary information right from the start of development. You will find a wealth of information and a wide range of products in this catalogue. The annex also includes a list of voltage details and frequencies as well as a list of the worldwide leading inspection offices.
An extensive stock of leads and accessories guarantees fastest delivery and facilitates procurement for you.
Our experienced staff are here to support you in every way they can and give you competent answers to your questions.
We look forward to a fruitful cooperation.
Twenty five years of experience and international operations
As early as when the company was founded we were aware of the fact that it would not be sufficient to orient our products exclusively towards European customers. This is why we have always planned and acted globally from the first day onwards.
Result: When the opening of European markets became reality in 1992 we had long since been active on all continents.
Because we have restricted our products intentionally and exclusively to the field of ”power connecting leads with integral plugs and sockets”, today we enjoy the reputation as being one of the most esteemed and reputed specialists in the world.
We consider customer service to be absolutely essential – and we take it seriously.
Satisfied customers are the safest and best asset a company can have. For this reason our company gives top priority
to the willingness to provide customer service and support as well as to keep to deadlines. We are open in our communication with customers, honest in our relations with suppliers and trustworthy when it comes to cooperating with both.
Incidentally, where fast service is concerned we are by no means inferior to our competitors.
Innovations are a daily occurrence with us.
What was modern yesterday is already out of date today and tomorrow. This is why we accept changes as a rule and not as an exception.
”Constantly improve something which is good and never be satisfied with what you have achieved.” This motto is not only quoted on paper it is also practiced by us and our staff every day in Bietigheim-Bissingen just as it is all over the world.
However, it is also part of our corporate culture to adhere to all regulations, take into account environmental protection and keep to the rules of the game with regard to commercial ethics.
Our success is not a secret but the result of our credo.
A credo which can be described in one word: motivation. We help our staff to recognize and improve their abilities. We encourage them to take risks and act independently. We honour their progress and tolerate a mistake when it occurs.
This approach helps each of our employees to fulfil his or her duties with enthusiasm and commitment … no matter whether he or she speaks English, Japanese or Swahili.
”Just-in-time” is an
everyday concept for us.
Whether you are looking for British plugs with partly insulated pins or Japanese plugs with flat pins made of nickel-plated brass … whether you need an American plug with a centrally arranged earthing pin ... whatever your needs we can supply it. Either straight from our warehouse, that is, we can supply a product immediately, or we can order it which means it will be available within a short period of time.

But we are the competent partner for you to contact when you need customized plugs and leads instead of ready-made products. Not only because we are familiar with the electrical standards, types and systems in all countries of the world but also because we advise you personally and give you practical and technical information.