International Standard Publications

  UL 796:
Printed-Wiring Boards

UL 817:
Cordsets and Power Supply Cords

UL 1054:
Special-Use Switches

UL 1077:
Supplementary Protectors for Use in Electrical Equipment

UL 1244:
Electrical and Electronic Measuring and Testing Equipment

UL 1283:
Electromagnetic Interference Filters UL 1459: Telephone Equipment

UL 1581:
Reference Standard for Electrical Wires, Cables, and Flexible Cords

UL 1950:
Safety of Information Technology Equipment

UL 2601:
Medical Electrical Equipment

U. S. Department of Commerce,
Office of European Community Affairs,
International Trade Administration,
Rm H-3036, Washington D.C. 20230.
Telephone: (202) 482-2000.
Source of much national and international data. The International Trade Administration Office of Export Promotion is a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce which specifically offers assistance to businesses interested in exporting their products.

Suggested references from the Department of Commerce:
“Electric Current Abroad”, a booklet describing plug and socket patterns in use throughout the world based on a survey of U.S. consulates abroad.

“U.S Industrial Outlook”, published annually
“Foreign Business Practices, Materials on Practical Aspects of Exporting, International Licensing and Investing.”

VDE, Verband Deutscher Electrotechniker, is the German national testing agency. VDE issues standards in the form of regulations (VDE-Bestimmungen), leaflets (VDE Druckschriften),  instructions (VDE Merkblaetter), and guiding principles (VDE Richtlinien).

Detailed information on the respective conditions to be complied with in the case of approval tests and test reports, the submission of applications, etc. may be obtained free from
VDE-Pruefstelle, Merianstrasse 28,
D-6050, Offenbach am Main, Germany.
Telephone: (49) 69 8306 0.
Fax: (49) 69 8306 555.

11 Suggested VDE references:
Annual VDE catalogue (written in German)
Annual VDE Catalogue: “English Translations of VDE Specifications”

0250: Part 1:
Specification for cables and flexible cords.

0281: Part 1:
Specification for PVC cables and flexible cords used in power installations.

0282: Part 1:
Specification for rubber insulated cables and flexible cords used in power installations.

Laboratory Equipment (Also EN 61010).

Regulations for small transformers– “General regulations” (Also VDE 0552 and EN 61558).

Isolating and safety isolating transformers (Also EN 60742).

Specification for radio suppression devices. Radio interference suppression filters up to 16 A. (Also EN 13300 and EN 133200).

Specification for plugs, socket-outlets, couplers and connectors. (Also IEC 884).

Specifications for appliance couplers up to 250 V and 16 A (Also EN 60320).


Electronic Switches (Also EN 61058, VDE 0600, EN 60947).

Switches (Also EN 60699, VDE 0637).

Low voltage fuses.

Circuit breakers for equipment (Also EN 60934).

Household and similar appliances (Also EN 60335, EN 50165, VDE 0722, 0725, 0730, 0740, 0741, 0791).

Medical electrical equipment. (Also EN 60601).

Telecommunication and information processing equipment (Also 0804, EN 60950).

Specifications for miniature cartridge fuses and fuseholders (Also EN 60127).