Ready-made leads and their main characteristics

We keep a stock of assembled leads. Those types of leads ordered regularly by our various customers are always on stock as standard leads. Our customers may make use of our stock when our standard leads comply with their requirements as regards plug, lead type, cross-section, colour, length, outlet receptacle, coupling or preassembled ends. Basically, however, ready-made leads are produced in great numbers according to customer requests and often even according to customer drawings. Explicit specifications allow a correct offer and delivery of the requested type.

Inquiries and orders should include the following details:

1. Unambiguous designation according to the manufacturer’s catalogue or building description of the plug required on the first lead end with indication of the approvals or country symbols.
2. Lead type and cross-section of the lead observing national particularities.

3. Colour of the outer jacket (RAL colour).

4. Length of the ready-made lead.

5. Details about the outlet or coupling on the second end or the assembly of the lead. The stripped free ends can be insulated, twisted or tinned
or provided with automatically attached connecting hardware such as end splices, cable shoes, flat-type receptacles. An exact description of such parts complying with the manufacturer’s catalogue is required. This connecting hardware ensures precision, safety and a perfect contact without soldering.

6. Details about special parts such as integrated intermediate switches or anti-kink sleeves.
7. Form of delivery, e.g. bundles of 25 or 50 each, the number of which, however, depends on the production organization of the manufacturer. Ready-made leads can also be delivered individually coiled, coiled in the form of an eight or a ring as shown on the drawing of the customer. For this, the dimensions have to be indicated.
Order specifications for power leads